Please be aware that from 1st December 2019 the rates for disposal of waste will increase to the rates below.

Once again over the past 12 months our industry has continued to experience increases in operating costs and, like many businesses, we are finding it a challenge to manage these costs under ever changing environmental legislation.

Most notably transport and imports of raw materials for some of our landscaping products have increased significantly along with permitting to operate our waste sites. We are reluctantly reacting to increases we must accept ourselves.

As a result, a price increase to products and waste deliveries across all of our sites will come into effect as of 1st December 2019.

1+ Ton
Green Waste Runcton & Tangmere Sites 
Green Waste Manor Farm (Haying) Site
Sawdust, Green Waste Chippings
Hay & Hay Bales

If you have questions regarding our waste management and recycling sites please call us on 01243 781730 or email